In 1921 students formed Sword & Sandals with the mission to strive for constant improvement of the University of California, Davis.

The current philanthropic mission of Sword & Sandals focuses on the permanent endowment of an annual scholarship for UC Davis students in their Junior or Senior year who have contributed to campus “esprit de corps” through on-campus leadership. Student will be selected on the criteria of character, zeal and dedication to the ideal of service to the University of California, Davis.

The Order has set a fundraising goal of $25,000 for this effort. Sword & Sandals, Inc is a registered 501 c3 charitable non-profit, and all of your donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible

Davis students have a history of public service and outside the classroom learning that greatly contributes to our region. From organizing Picnic Day, the campus’ annual open house which draws over 50,000 guests, to administering and operating Unitrans, the joint city-campus bus system, UC Davis student leaders go on to be tremendous alumni ambassadors for the Aggie Experience.

Sword & Sandals recognizes a need to support the education of future student leaders.

We thank you for your contributions towards of goal of an endowed scholarship for UC Davis student leaders.