We Are Aggie Pride is a student-run philanthropy that provides short-term emergency financial assistance to students at risk of dropping out of UC Davis. The program was founded in 2010, when a group of students realized that some of their peers were enduring financial hardships and crises that were not covered by financial aid. The founding board sought to create a program to assist these students through their hardships and help them stay on track for academic success by providing short-term relief for tuition, rent, and/or other essential costs in times of emergency need. With the assistance and guidance of the UC Davis Department of Development and Alumni Relations, the founding board put together a unique program encouraging student engagement and philanthropy.


Unique Work

Since its official launch in 2012, We Are Aggie Pride has raised over $140,000 and helped over 60 students stay in school. In 2014, We Are Aggie Pride further extended its reach through a partnership with the UC Davis Stores and Amazon, providing textbook aid to students in need. Since the start of the UC Davis Stores Award, We Are Aggie Pride has awarded 150 students totaling $45,000 in textbook aid.


It’s students helping students. It’s the best thing ever. Salma Issa (Sac Bee Oct 12, 2014)


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