Athletes in Action is Christian fellowship on the UC Davis campus that works to bring athletically minded students together in a faith filled setting that offers support, prayer and encouragement. Athletes in Action (AIA) is a division of Cru, also known as Campus Crusades for Christ, and is not just for ICA athletes, but any and all UC Davis students who wish to live out their college careers with faith at the center. Using sports as a foundation, AIA works to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helps make Christianity and following Jesus a tangible goal for students.

Unique Work

Through weekly meetings with musical worship and a message from a guest speaker, men and women’s bible studies, retreats, and social events AIA creates a community for its members. It is the goal of AIA that athletes and students alike will take the message and faith they gain at AIA events, and spread it throughout the UC Davis campus. Athletics are a major platform within our society, and AIA wants to use that platform to spread hope, faith, and love.

“Through AIA I came to know Jesus and found my faith in a way that shaped my life and my future in ways I couldn’t imagine. Through the invitation of a friend, who then became my girlfriend, and is now my fiancé, I attended a meeting that introduced me to a love and community I had never found before. My relationship with my fiancé was created on a foundation of genuine understanding and caring for one another because of AIA. In addition, I was able to get to know many of my teammates who also attended AIA in a way I could not have done on the field, and because of that our team is stronger overall. AIA changed my college experience and focused my attention on a way of living that makes an impact for my community.” Ben Scott, UC Davis Quarterback